Miami Mod

The Miami Mod (MM) arrives on the beach after being shipwrecked on its way to Cuba. Never mind, their loss is your gain.

The MM is ready to mangle your sound into something rougher and industrial or light and zingy – the choice is yours.

The guitar solo from Black Sabbath’s Paranoid sounds like it was played on something similar to the MM with maybe a octave effect as well.

The three controls give you Intensity, Knots and Tone. Each control has an indicator to make it easy for you to note down your favourite settings.


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We use a FET to switch the MM on so there is no ‘popping’ through your amp. There is a 9V power socket to give you the choice of mains or battery power. The blue LED will light your way even on the darkest stage.

We have carefully selected top quality components for the MM. It features an alpha footswitch and pots mounted in a rugged die cast aluminium case. This will give you the confidence to know that the MM will be there for you gig after gig – where ever that gig may be.

The Miami Mod is handmade in West Sussex,England,UK

Hear it :

Black Steel


Snap Of Reality

Stephanies Bus

Tenth Floor


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