Down At The Beach Part 1

Making A Video for Beach Hut FX


While making the latest video for Beach Hut FX (BHFX) we were asked to write a blog post describing the steps we take to bring the latest Beach Hut creation to your screen. Having already made six videos, including one for a circuit bent keyboard, we have created a smooth work flow pattern.

It all begins with the script meeting, yes the whole video is scripted out. This saves a lot of time and money. This is because we then know exactly what we need for the shoot and how long it is going to take. At the meeting BHFX supply a product specification and we work through this line by line picking out the best features to highlight.


The script travels back and forth via email between us, we are Yew Tree Media (YTM) by the way. Once the script is firm we cost out the project and give the budget to Beach Hut FX for their approval, as they are paying. Once we have the green light for the project the next stage begins.

We work through the script timing the narration. This is how we know how long to make the shots. Then we work out how long the guitar parts need to be. When this vital information is ready we can move on to the next step.


We hire a guitarist and a narrator. Our first call for both of these rolls is John Scotland. We go for one person doing both jobs as we feel it is more inviting that way. The alternative is to have a separate narrator, we tried that once but it seemed to give the production a remoteness. We had the feeling that the narrator was the disembodied voice from above surveying the proceedings with a baleful eye. John is a busy session guitarist but usually we can agree a schedule that suits us both.



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