in 1969 Graheme Wilson bought a Dewtron Fuzz Box kit. He assembled it and it worked first time. He was hooked! He used it on stage that night and learned a lot about designing a better case for his Fuzz Box.

Many years of fuzz box building later he has launched a new company and called it Beach Hut FX. The look and design of Beach Hut pedals is the result of a much design, paint spray and soldering.

Imagine that you are a guitarist walking along a beach somwhere when you find a small hut selling guitar fx!

“What! I didn’t expect to see that!”

Still not sure if this is a dream you buy a brightly coloured box, take it home and find the sound and the look you have been looking for all this time.

Wow, just wow!

All Beach Hut Guitar FX are handmade in West Sussex,England,UK