3C Green and Yellow Fruit Fuzz

Stand clear guitar players!  This one is for the person standing near the drummer, no, not the drummers roadie, the bass player. The 3CGAY is based on the Big Muff with special modifications to produce sounds to make four string merchants happy. When this fruit falls from the tree it makes a big impression in the sand. Maybe this is the style of fuzz that Jack Bruce used in Cream? Certainly there is plenty of creamy gold top fuzz. It works on gigs and records very well.

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The three controls are marked TFV. Tone, Fuzz and Volume. The controls have indicators to make it easy for you to note down your favourite settings.

We use FET switching so that there is no switching noise through your amp. There is a 9V power socket to give you the choice of mains or battery power. The blue LED will light your way even on that minuscule dingy basement stage.

We have carefully selected top quality components for the 3CGAY. We wire each effect by hand. It features an alpha footswitch and pots mounted in a rugged diecast aluminium case. This will give you confidence to know that the 3CGAY is ready for work.

We hand spray each 3CGAY case so that no two are exactly alike, just like bass players!

The 3C Green and Yellow Fruit Fuzz is handmade in West Sussex, England, UK