Green and Yellow 7 Fruit Fuzz

The Green and Yellow 7 Fruit Fuzz (GAY7FF) will push your playing into sonic heaven or merry hell, depending on your guitar style. There are two controls, drive and volume, all the better to find your favourite setting. Cranking up the drive pushes the circuit that little bit harder with each clockwise increment. There is plenty of grit on tap so, somewhere over the range of this control you may find that elusive sound. This is our second IC based pedal in the Fruit Fuzz range (the other is the Red & Yellow).  They both use the same chip but in completely different circuits. If you don’t hear it from the Red & Yellow then give the GAY7FF a listen.

We have provided a socket for the IC. This makes it very easy to replace and cuts down on your repair bill. The only time we have had the IC fail was when we connected it to a power supply with the wrong polarity. The 7, like all the other Beach Hut Fx needs a 9v power supply with negative on the tip and positive on the sleeve. Check this before you connect it. This convention is also known as the the ‘Boss’ style power supply.



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As well as building the circuit around an IC we have added other modern features such as FET switching bypass and a 9V power socket to give you a choice of mains or battery power.

She is a beautiful Fruit Fuzz. The GAY7FF has four white low profile feet that are removable for your pedal board. The GAY7FF is compact so it does not take up much valuable space on your board.

Listen to  some clips here :

Kick Start     Knock It Down     Rattle The Tin    Weekend Pass


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